Aion4j Intellij Plugin

Problem being solved

The Aion team has developed a Java-based virtual machine called AVM, which can run smart-contracts written in Java on the blockchain. This has made it possible to use established development tools in the Java ecosystem when building on its network. So with the right tools, developers can easily learn smart-contract development.

IDE is an integral part of a development lifecycle. It helps developers in their day to day coding and makes them more productive. Smart-contract development on AVM needs good IDE support.

How we solved it

IntelliJ is one of the popular IDE in Java community. The BloxBean project provides a plugin to support end to end smart contract development inside IntelliJ IDE. 

Embedded AVM

To make developer’s life simple, it provides an Embedded AVM execution environment inside the IDE, on which developer can deploy and test smart contracts during development. Apart from installing the plugin on IntelliJ IDEA IDE, developers do not need to install/download any other software to write and test smart contract on an Embedded AVM.

Remote Aion Kernel

With Aion remote kernel support in the IDE, developers can deploy and test their smart contracts on a Remote Aion Kernel directly from their IDE. The plugin also provides additional features like get balance, get receipt, call method, send a contract transaction, balance transfer etc. So in most of the cases, developers do not need to go outside of the IDE during smart contract development.

Editor level Support

The plugin also provides various editor level features. One of the major editor level feature is “JCL whitelist check” where editor warns the developer when developer tries to use any restricted or non-allowed Java API in the smart contract code.